One Of These Things…

There’s so much music in the world, that it amazes me how people can only listen to one type or genre. Being a punk kid (and something that obviously influences my playing), i also know that if i only listened to that i would get bored.

And bored is not a word i particularly utilize in my vocabulary.

This is not to say that someone who only (or i should say predominately) listens to one type of music is a horrible person, or has bad taste. i’m just saying it’s something i don’t understand, especially when your favorite band most likely listens to a diverse range of music themselves.

In terms of my playing, as you have seen, i am pretty basic. So there is no way i would attempt to play to, say, a Billy Cobham song, without it totally sounding like a giant wreck. And he happens to be one of my favorite drummers of all time. So i do stick to stuff that’s a bit more doable for me. And even then, the drummers in the bands i cover are far more advanced than me.

i’m not saying any of this to complain… i’m saying this as a reminder that IT’S JUST A JOURNEY.

Sooooooooo… The first post we have today would be a musical reminder of this, from my favorite punk/hardcore band of all time, Bad Brains. i gotta remember to have that ‘Attitude’… that PMA, when i’m struggling to get better in this journey. i am DEFINITELY no Earl Hudson, but i hope i at least did okay. Playing music is a healthy outlet, in response to whatever trauma i’ve faced.

(i know that a lot of people understandably felt an immense amount of sadness upon hearing about Taylor Hawkins’ passing; i do know that if anything were to happen to H.R., i will be inconsolable. i just want to put that out there.)

The next song is one of those underrated proto-punk/garage rock inspired gems, ‘Social End Product’, by New Zealand-based The Bluestars. Of course, this song goes after my heart, with the line, “I don’t stand for the Queen/In a house where those traditions mean”. In a time when the Royal Family was currently doing apology tours in the Caribbean for colonialism (without actually addressing the rectification of its effects), these fellows in 1966 knew what was up. Of course the Sex Pistols, The Queen Haters and many others followed suit in their derision for the monarchy (as well as the neoliberalist policies and actions of Margaret Thatcher). But the Bluestars walked so all of them could run.

“I’ve been labeled as an angry young man
Because I don’t fit into the master plan
Under society’s microscope
I look funny but it’s no joke…”

We have another song from another one of my favorite ever punk bands, Bad Religion (i may actually do a dedicated post for them, who knows?). ‘All Good Soldiers’ is one of those songs i don’t hear a lot of people talk about. But it’s definitely up there as one of my favorites. i’m not an atheist, nor am i an agnostic (and i know that members of the band have mixed belief systems themselves); however, this song (as are many of theirs) is accurate.

This final post, you may be asking yourself ‘Why ever would you post this, in the midst of a bunch of punk songs?’ And to that i say, why not? Also… i would say, go back to the beginning of this post.

‘Somethin’ Deep’ is one of my favorite ever songs from Chaka Khan. Chaka Khan is also a drummer. She comes from a time when people were a lot less accepting of women drummers than they are now. Also, it was nice to just play a simple ‘pocket’ song.

Also… One of these things…

You finish it. Except know that it DOES belong.

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