An Introduction, Plus A Few Songs.

Here lies the journey…

‘The Traffic School Song’ was one of the first songs i was messing around with on the SPD-30 (Octoapad).  This specific audio/video situation was recorded back in November 2021.  i am working on getting an actual set (as that will help me get better) but the Octapad has been a great way for me to get some muscle memory back. 

Playing along to The Clash’s ‘Janie Jones’…  i’m definitely not perfect, but the journey is not about being perfect. 

And finally…  one of the most challenging parts of the journey so far!  D.R.I. is one of my favorite hardcore/thrash bands.  Even though i have played drums (and guitar) in several punk bands i was never a hardcore/thrash/metal/’traditional’ punk drummer.  Though i played in bands i never had a set of my own.   Because of those limitations i saw myself as a pretty basic drummer (which i still am!!!); my primary inspirations were post punk players like Hugo Burnham (Gang Of Four), Robert Grey (Wire) and Valerie Scroggins (ESG); as well as folks like David Lovering (Pixies). 

Will i ever get to the point where i’m as advanced as an Art Blakey, a Terri Lyne Carrington, Billy Cobham, Tony Royster Jr., Chris Dave, Tony Williams, Sheila Escovedo, Buddy Rich, Bernard Purdy, Neil Peart, Dave Lombardo, Mike Portnoy, Max Roach, Jeff Porcaro, Louie Bellson…  and the countless other amazing drummers and percussionists- including those on sites like youtube?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  What counts most is the journey, and the things i learn along the way. 

And while i am CERTAINLY no Felix Griffin, ‘Mad Man’ is an extreme challenge and a workout (for a basic drummer like me), as well as fun to play!

5 thoughts on “An Introduction, Plus A Few Songs.

  1. Dearest Companera,
    For me, you are like the small road-sign, seemingly small and insignificant, you point us in the right direction and tell us how far we have yet to go. That look on your face as you play those drums will always be with me no matter how dark a future event awaits any of us. As a 80 year old, that’s how I respond to the music of my era known as Do-wop. When I sing along with the Penguins, Chantells, Marvelettes, the Dells, etc., etc., I smile, and for those few minutes, I’m traveling in another space and time. We love you comrade, and look forward to that perpetual laugh that always amazes me. STAY UP! Your Brother, Chawki.

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  3. I’m enjoying your drumming. Always liked Metallica but more because of the vocals and guitar. I never paid a lot of attention to the drumming or to Lars. I have little familiarly with the other bands that you referenced, except John Entwistle because I like The Who. Tried to get my grandkids to understand an appreciate Elton John’s Tommy video, but they look at me like I’m from another planet. Anyway, thank you for the show; it’s almost as much entertaining watching you perform as listening to you play. Keep sharing!

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