Metallica Fridays (no. 6): Piano Time

i actually was planning to post something earlier this week; however, what with moving everything around (plus using some new equipment) there were a few mishaps. i wasn’t able to play drums as much this week, but i still wanted to post something charting this journey. Since i’m on a journey in rekindling my relationships with other instruments as well, i didn’t want them to feel like i was neglecting them.

For today’s ‘Metallica Fridays’ post, i am highlighting the piano.

i know you saw a couple of posts ago, where i’m playing the keys (and of course, it’s absolutely okay if you laugh at that). Like with any other instrument i’ve played in life, i was self-taught, and always played by ear. Admittedly, my technique is trash, i cannot read music, and i am not good at reading tabs. Listening to music i always hear harmonies in my head, and this is exactly how i play.

Even when they were doing straight thrash, Metallica had a great sense of harmony. For someone who is not traditionally skilled on the drums (in comparison to others) and can barely play any other instruments, Lars has a keen sense of where a melody should go, and is an excellent arranger. Despite James initially not wanting to do vocals, he’s one of the greatest vocalists in metal/rock. Kirk’s affinity for the blues helps to slow things down and bring feeling into a genre known for its aggressiveness. Cliff, Jason and Rob have all been anchors, bringing out the best in the rest of the band.

The two songs for today’s post are not only in my top 10 list of Metallica songs; they also got the S&M treatment. Obviously that gave me a bit of inspiration to do whatever interpretation i did. Without the assistance of a conductor (and an orchestra), it was just me and the keys.

The album version of ‘Hero Of The Day’ is already, again, one of my favorites in all of their catalog; the S&M version moves me to tears. The pitch is raised a bit in this version. i am posting two versions here- one without drums, and one with (it’s clearly not me playing). Despite the music being the same, they sound like two different songs.

Hetfield fought to keep ‘The Unforgiven 3’ on Death Magnetic, and i’m glad he did. It’s actually my favorite in the Unforgiven trilogy, and i love all three. It’s one of those songs that didn’t hit me until i was a bit older.

Similar to the previous song, this one is just me (with some faint background vocals), and a Yamaha PSR-E373.